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Meet Deidre


Well, who’d have thought I’d end up here. But as they say “New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings”. So it’s time to truly free myself, from my past, from my baggage, from my self-esteem issues. And boy it feels good!

So, I’m Deirdre, from the US, and without getting into details, this is my time to shine. I’m traveling more in the last year or 2 than I have in the 3 decades preceding that. I’ve invested in nice clothes, good jewelry, overpriced shows (can I call that investment? Sure I can!) and I’m loving it.

Exploring cities that I had never heard of, Zanzibar, Mombasa, Chiang Rai, Cordoba, Tulum. Wow. And now I’m here to show everyone how much a new lease of life can change one’s perspective, and make life feel even more worth living.

So join me, either in person, or on the blog, and we can explore this world for all it has to offer.


The Frill of Life

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