Alor Setar – A Hidden Gem

The last time I went to Malaysia i visited the state of Kedah, it’s a place that most tourists visit but aren’t aware that they are actually there. Langkawi is probably the most famous place in this northern part of Malaysia. My trip to Kedah was not for the glorious beaches that Langkawi had to offer, the reason I was there was to visit Alor Setar – the royal capital of the state.

How do you get there?

Alor Setar is quite a small, humble city, but it does have it’s own airport – Sultan Adul Halim Airport, which has flights to and from KL and Medan. I chose a different route and decided to fly into Penang and hop on a bus for 3 hours before I arrived a my hotel in Alor Setar.

What should you see there?

I must admit that Alor Setar is a little off the tourist trail, but that doesn’t mean that aren’t plenty of tourist sights to see during your stay. SO after breakfast in the Sentosa Regency Hotel I spoke to the concierge about the best places to visit, thankfully he was full of great ideas.

The thing that I liked most about the city was the amazing architecture I saw at every turn, add to that the mix of cultures from the city’s rich history and you’ve got a million opportunities for amazing photos. Alor Setar is located near the borer of Thailand, so every now and then you’ll catch small glimpse of thai influence plus thai food (which I personally love!).

The most famous landmark in the city is Meara Alor Setara, this building stands 165 meters tall and can be seen from pretty much everywhere here. The price of entry is pretty cheap, that’s because you get to take an elevator right to the top and take in the best views from the deck. Make sure your camera is charged and the memory card empty as you’ll be snapping lots of photos.

Other notable places to visit are Masjid Zahir, Balai Nobat, Balai Seni Negeri and Kedah Royal Museum (which is free!).

Have you been to Alor Setar before? I would love to hear about your experiences, tales and tips. I think it is great when we, as a travel community, can come together to help each other plan the best possible trip. Just pop everything you want to share in the comment section below this post – thanks for sharing guys!

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