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Traveling in your 40s, why it’s the best time!

Please don’t ever think that you are too old to travel just because you are in your forties, I once thought that and I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I speak about travel I am not talking about a 2 week break to get some sunshine and dip in the sea, I mean real travel, seeing new cultures, new sights and new countries.

Having traveled as both a youngster and someone in their forties, I can honestly say that traveling at the age which I am now, 46, is the most fun that I have ever had and the youngsters housed envy me, not the other way around. If you are over 40 and think that traveling isn’t for you, here is where you are wrong.

Higher Appreciation

When you travel as a kid you don’t really grasp the importance of what you are seeing and things become more about the party element and the freedom of travel, rather than the discovery of new and exciting things. I have never been one to enjoy museums but as someone who is older, I can appreciate these things much more. I also feel as though I can relate to more things that I see than when I was younger and this is a real benefit to traveling as an older person.

More Money

When you are young, money doesn’t really mean very much to you and the consequence of this is that you invariably do not have much of it. I was always of the opinion that experiences were worth more than money was and whilst I still believe this, I also understand that it takes money to have such experiences. I have found that traveling in my forties is much easier because I have more money with which to travel and enjoy new experiences whereas in the past I would have had to say no to many opportunities.


It doesn’t matter who you are or what kind of life you have lived, once you get over forty, your body just isn’t the same anymore and it loves nothing more than reminding you of this fact each day. I have found however, that since I have been traveling, I always feel fitter and healthier when I return than I did before I left. When you travel you are almost always on the go and this really helps the body to feel good, hit the road in your forties and you will feel like a new person when you return.

Less Risk

Although the odd scrape or two does make for a great travel story, I prefer to live a life without risk these days and that means that fewer things can go wrong on the road. When things go wrong on the road it either ends up costing you more money or you end up in the doctor’s surgery. Thankfully I am a bit smarter now than I used to be and this means that I avoid such problems because of my mature and risk averse nature.

Don’t feel bad that you are forty, embrace it and hit the road!