Bethnal Green – London’s Cool Side

Bethnal Green is one of the coolest suburbs you will find in the capital city. Here you’ll be able to discover a diverse local population, swanky shops, traditional pubs and lots of hip looking people swaggering around.

If you book escorts in Bethnal green, here are so awesome ways to spend your time together.

Go Back In Time

If you fancy a trip down memory lane to remember a time in your life when everything was so simple and innocent then you should pay a visit to the V&A Museum of Childhood. You will of course be sharing the museum with lots of kids but it’s a place where you really do get to step back in time. Feel like a kid again when you gaze upon wind up cars, old board games that you’d forgotten about, beautiful dolls houses and the treasured handhelds such as the gameboy. The building itself is something to behold because the architecture is fantastic – it was opened way back in the 1870s and still keeps many of the original designs.

Get Floral

In a big city you can sometimes be forgiven that there are plenty of streets to wander down. The best one for me is Columbia Road which is best known for it’s colourful flower market. Every Sunday the road is a wash with colour and floral aromas. It’s a great place for a date because you can take lots of pictures and if it’s going well buy your date a rose or two. Once you’ve finished the flowers you can check out the clique vintage shops and boutiques.

The Kitty Cafe

The first time I walked past this place I had to do a double take, there really was a kitty in the window! Yes, the shop does have a cat in the window but it is not just any shop. Lady Dinah’s is the first of its kind in London, it serves up traditional English tea with cats to put and keep you company. All of the cats here have been reduced , so take full advantage of this unique experience and book yourself a 90 minute slot. I highly recommend the afternoon tea here, it’s a winner on any date! If that wasn’t impressive enough, Lady Dinah’s is partners with the Luminary Bakery, this awesome place gives opportunities to vulnerable women looking to make a new start.

What are your recommendations for a date in Bethnal Green? I’d love to hear all about your ides, tips and experiences. Just pop your thoughts down in the comment section below.

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