Getting Your Home In Shape To Overcome Mobility Issues

Despite all of the intentions of humanity, the aging process is something which we cannot avoid and each of us will go through it at some point during our lives. The level at which we slow down will be different for everyone of course, but sooner or later it will start to become more difficult to get around like we once could.

When mobility starts to become a problem, it does not mean that you can’t still lead the life that you previously could, especially around the home. For those with mobility issues however, it is important that adaptations are made in the home, in order to aid us in our daily lives. There are lots of great tools, gadgets and installations which you can make around the home to help you with your mobility, and here are some which you should look to add.


Unless you live in a single floor home, getting up and down the stairs can be troublesome once you have developed mobility problems. Even if you are still able to get upstairs and back down again, you could be putting unnecessary pressure on your bones and joints. The perfect solution to this is to have a stairlift installed in the home. These machines are super simple and all they require from you is that you sit in the chair and press the button on the remote to his you up and down. Contrary to what you may think, the cost of a stair lift is not what it once was and you can now have one installed for a very reasonable price.


One of the most treasured tools which my Granny uses was a present which we bought for her last year, a grabber. This may not be the technical name for it but a litter picker just doesn’t seem right given the context. Initially my Granny was having problems picking things up from the floor, so this was the perfect tool for her. Over time however, my Granny found a great many uses for this device such as opening and closing curtains, and shutting doors. This is a great device which is low cost and makes a big difference in your daily life.


Getting yourself around the house is one thing, but doing so when you are carrying an item can be far more difficult, and you could run the risk of falling and causing damage. A great solution to this  problem is to buy a trolley with 2 front wheels. The trolley is not only great in terms of carrying things like a plate of food from the kitchen to the living room, but you can also use it to support yourself as you go. What this piece of kit does is to combine a moving table with a zimmer frame providing you with plenty of support, and the perfect vessel to carry things around the home.

Don’t be beaten by mobility issues, take action and make you life easier.

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