How to make the perfect coffee at home

Covid-19 pandemic has certainly raised a lot of issues in our personal lives and how we must adapt to our brave new world of social distancing and personal health responsibilities. The coverage of the Pandemic has been pretty damning but out of all of this confusion and doubt, the discovery of new interests and home bound pursuits has enabled some of us to appreciate the simpler things in life. One such thing is refining the quality of our consumptions at home to replicate what is missing from our daily lives like that perfect coffee from your local barrister.  But just how do you make that perfect coffee in the comfort of your home?

Dig out that old French coffee press at the back end of your kitchen cupboard. Make sure to give it a proper soak in soapy water first otherwise you will find a musky tang to your taste of coffee.

Select a decent fair trade and versatile coffee in your online shopping order. Something graded at a strength value of at least 4 and that is compatible for French press or cafeterias will do just fine! If you already own a coffee grinder, ordering wholesale beans from fair trade coffee dealers is the best way to ensure an ethical and top quality product.

Of course which type of coffee bean you use if up to your taste preference but for sake of clarity, the Guatemalan Coffee Bean is known for its balance between smooth chocolatey taste and rich acidic bite. This makes for a well-rounded morning pick me up! 

Put the kettle on filled with some filtered tap water preferably. For a full 500ml coffee brew, add 4 heaped spoons of your selected coffee into the French Press pot. Wait for the kettle to boil and then let it rest for 3-4 minutes. Pouring boiling hot water directly onto of your coffee will scald it and result in a burnt taste to the brew.

Fill the water to just below the upper part of the handle and place the lid on top of the pot with the plunging stick fully extended upwards to allow the coffee sieve to sit just above the water line of the brewing coffee. Allow for 7-8 minutes for the coffee to percolate with the hot water. Having a tea towel or even tin foil wrapped around the coffee pot is ensures the water temperature doesn’t reduce significantly, affecting the brewing process.

Meanwhile, pour 2 cm of semi skimmed milk with a light dash of honey and heat in the microwave for 20 secs. This is the optimum amount and time before the milk starts to skin or boil. Briskly whisk with a fork after microwaving to ensure all honey is fully mixed.

Coffee is brewed! Press the plunger gently down and ensure the spout is aligned with the clearway of the lid moulding and pour on top of your heated milk and stir. The perfect cup served at drinking temperature! 

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