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5 Tips for traveling solo as a female

If you are considering solo travel as a female but you have been put off by the scaremongering and horror stories which you may have heard, it is time to rethink your approach. Let’s not sugarcoat it though, traveling as a female on your own is unfortunately very different to traveling as a male and there are additional precautions which you need to take.

Thankfully, in over 10 years of traveling solo, I have never ran into any real trouble and I like to think that this is because of the smart and sensible approach which I have always had. If you are thinking about going traveling on your own, here are 5 top tips to take with you.


The first step is to make sure that someone back home always knows where you are and when. Make sure that before you travel that a family member or friend has your itinerary and that you check in with them as you leave and arrive at your destination. This may strip away some of the freedom element that travel gives you but it will make sure that you can stay safe, and that if you aren’t, someone will be quick to realize it.

Stay in Groups

If you are worried that you may be in danger or even if you feel slightly uneasy in a particular place, make sure that you tag on to, or at least stay near, bug groups of people. Something bad is far less likely to happen if you are in big groups and doing so will discourage anyone who was perhaps looking to cause you harm.

Dress Smart

I don’t agree at all with the “she was attacked because of the way that she was dressed” opinion, but it does make sense to review how you are dressed depending on where you are. For example, I would never walk through the middle of Calcutta wearing a short dress and plunging neckline as I know that the men there see this as an invitation. The key to dressing abroad is to try your best to blend in, the more that you stand out, the more of a target you become.

Always Know Where You Are Going

Before you set off for a new location, make sure that you know exactly how to get there as nothing screams victim more than you standing on a street corner with a map in your hand. What you are looking for when you travel is to become one of the crowd as often as possible and you should know exactly where you are going at all times. IF you do get stuck, head into a coffee shop bathroom or something similar and have a quick check of your map, whatever you do, don’t do so in public.

Hotel Salvation

Make sure that your hotel is not in a sketchy area or and isolated location before you book. Equally if you are heading to a city which is potentially dangerous, don’t be frightened to spend a little extra on getting a nice and secure hotel. The hotel could prove to be your sanctuary if things get dangerous and you will be thankful that you spent the extra.

Don’t worry too much about traveling alone, whilst there are dangers, being smart will keep you away from them.