What on Earth is a French Press?

You may have heard the words French press or coffee press bandied around in recent years and questioned as to what on earth one of these new fanged gadgets is. If this is the case then fear not as we have put together a quick guide as to what a French press is, how you can use it and why you would want to. The short answer to this is that a French press is a tool which you can use to make coffee in the home. These pieces of kit have really risen to prominence in recent years and here is a little bit more about this kitchen product.

What Is It?

A French press is actually quite a basic piece of kit that comes in many different styles, designs and with different materials. The basics of the press are that it is a jug which features a lid with a filter and a plunger that go inside the jug. The idea is to plunge your coffee before you drink it so that it is well filtered.

How To Use It?

In order to use the press, you need to buy some coarsely ground coffee beans which you will place in the bottom of the jug. Next you add piping hot water and wait for the two to mix together and brew to your taste. Finally you plunge the filter down through the jug which forces the water down and the remnants of the coffee beans up. After doing this, you will be left with a jug of fresh coffee, perfectly filtered and ready to pour.

Why Use It?

The reason why many people have decided to start using French presses, and the reason why you need one in your life, comes down to taste. In terms of making coffee in the home, the flavor which you get from coffee that has been made using a press, is far superior to the flavor which you will get from a machine or from instant coffee.

Aside from the flavor, many people turn to the press to make their coffee as it really looks great and turns drinking coffee into more of an event. If you have people in your home and you offer them a coffee, walking out with a French press is a real crowdpleaser.

Should I Buy One?

If you love coffee, then the answer as to whether or not you should buy a French press is a resounding yes. With this gadget you will be able to prepare the richest and freshest coffee, and look great whilst doing so. There are a huge amount of presses on the market and there is one to fit every style choice and every budget. These presses   are incredibly durable and bar you dropping it on the floor, the chances of it breaking are very low indeed. Why not try a cheap press first to see how much you use it and if you find that you fall in live with this coffee, you can then purchase something a little more up market.

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