Why I could live in Costa Rica

Last year I went with some buddies on a surf tour around Costa Rica and I immediately fell in love with the place. I know that this may sound as though I had  good time on my vacation and therefore think I could live there but the truth is that I saw more than enough of how this place works and operates, to believe that I could comfortably set up home there.

There are many ex-pats living throughout Costa Rica, they all seem to be very happy with their decision to move and here is why I think that I could comfortably join them one day.


The biggest draws of the country is the incredible nature which they have on offer and what I loved about it in particular was that it exists everywhere. I know that ‘nature’ exists everywhere but I am talking about incredible and varied natural settings which you find throughout Costa Rica. You don’t have to go very far to find yourself in the thick of the rainforest, surrounded by indigenous wildlife and miles away from the ‘real world’.


The weather here is pretty much always hot and sunny and even though there is a bit of humidity, I could definitely get used to the hot climate here. We did get caught in one rainstorm during our time here and when it rains, it really rains, I think however that the infrequent nature of the rain means that it would never really cause a problem.


The Costa Rican government really do have eco-friendliness on their minds and the country is around 80% efficient, way more than any other country in the world. I am very environmentally conscious myself and I think that this way of life could really be attractive to someone like me. I love the fact that this is something which exists throughout the country and their focus on conservation and bio-diversity is something which makes the country highly appealing.


Not only is this one of the best countries in the world that I have ever surfed in, it is also jam-packed with lots of other activities and for someone like me, this is absolutely perfect. I love the great outdoors and whether I am kayaking, climbing, caving or surfing, these kids of activities really make me happy. I love the wide range of activities that exist here and if I were to live here, I would most certainly spend a lot of my time getting active around the country.


If I were to bring my wife and young child down here I would need to ensure that they would be safe and the crime figures in Costa Rica most definitely suggest that they would be. I have rarely seen or heard about any high crime rates here and I felt extremely safe throughout my time in the country. Sometimes one needs to be a little pragmatic and safety is a high concern for anyone with a family, thankfully this seems like a really safe and secure nation.

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