Will The New Recreational Laws In LA Affect Marijuana Delivery?

With these new recreational laws going into effect, how is it going to change the game? As of right now, the delivery game has been strictly medical cannabis related, despite what type it comes in (edibles, concentrates, etc.), and has had its fair regulations on it. With adult-use marijuana delivery coming into play, we could be seeing an entirely new set of standards on medical delivery as well.


What Does Adult-Use Cannabis Delivery in Los Angeles Mean For Me?


It means a lot of things. For instance, you’ll be seeing a lot more branded delivery vehicles out on the streets, and the industry is going to boom for job seekers. It’s still up for debate how much of a good thing this is (it’s absolutely a step in the right direction, but it’s going to take some getting used to). Industry giants are going to pop up like weeds (pun intended) and corner in on the game, especially with L.A. becoming the newest player.


States like New Hampshire and Alaska are coming through on recreational reform as well, allowing citizens over the age of 21 to purchase recreational marijuana through delivery services. We could be seeing a lot of the same laws from those states being applied to Los Angeles while this trend continues to sprout all across California, and that could be a very good thing.


The country tends to look at Los Angeles for a lot of things; it’s the frontstage for a lot of activist activity, and the introduction of adult-use marijuana delivery services is certainly going to be on the news and front pages for a while. Is the industry going to be affected in L.A.? Absolutely. Is it going to be an all-positive thing? Let’s see how January goes first and go from there.


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